This portion is written under my pen name of Mitchell Krautant.

I am a genius that was tested as having a 142 IQ in the reception department of the United States Marine Corps back in 1992. That is an IQ that is in the top 0.5% of the world. That is the IQ that I have been operating in when I was inside of the Special Operations Capable unit Force Reconnaissance Company in the USMC.

My life has had some severe altercations in it. I was injured repeatedly when in the USMC, and got out of there when I had been in for 11 years, injured. I had head trauma and was seeing things.

Then I went and joined a protective agency that used firearms to protect the troops we Americans had. I shot with them, then went over to my ex-wife’s house. While there, it looked like she was drawing a weapon on me, so I did as I was trained to do and I drew my weapon on her in self-defense. She was unarmed, so I didn’t hurt her in any way. I left, and then turned myself into police. They let me go on bail of $150,000. That was all the money I had.

A week later I was called back to court. I had hired an attorney and she was there at the courtroom. The judge was illegal, and didn’t allow me to go into the courtroom. He talked to my attorney and raised my bail – illegally – to be so high that I couldn’t afford it: to $500,000. The attorney came out and said the the police were rearresting me. They put me back into jail waiting for sentencing hearing.

My attorney showed me in jail the Statement of Probably Cause put forth by the prosecutor – that was full of lies. It lied about what had happened the night that I pulled a weapon on my ex-wife, it lied about me having an unchecked gun on the airplane, and it lied about me getting “kicked out of Force Reconnaissance Company for assaulting my ex-wife” (which is an absolute lie… because I was never kicked out of anywhere in the USMC and got an Honorable Discharge with no infractions AT ALL!) I told her that those things were all lies, and she didn’t listen to me.

Then I went to jail and was assaulted by the guards there. I went to the Sentencing hearing and before the judge was going to plead “innocent” – because I was innocent – and my attorney wanted to go to another room and talk about the sentencing with me before I could plead. The judge allowed her to. We went to another room, and through the wall I talked to her and she told me that the police had intimidated her and told her that if I plead “innocent” that they would increase the charges against me and put me in prison for 15 years! She said that she had never contacted Force Reconnaissance Company to determine their SOPs, or the protection agency that I worked for, so she basically explained that she was totally incompetent.

So, I plead “guilty” when I was innocent. I was put into prison for 4 1/2 years.

Now, This is June, 2020. I have been out of prison since 2009. There are protests and looting going on by people who are upset over the police doing things that are criminal against black men. I totally am on the side of the protesters, because the police and the judge and the prison guards and the prosecutor all committed corrupt, lawbreaking activities against me. And I have no relief for it. Those idiots got away with it.

From 2009 (my date of release from prison) to 2013 I was mostly homeless. In 2013 I was a victim of vehicular homicide and got run over by a truck. It broke my back, face, both legs, skull, knee, and foot. I was unconscious in the hospital with brain injury for 8 months. I recovered, but was disabled and unemployed.

So, I became an author. I write mostly nonfiction books. I have recently gotten my first book published on Barnes and Noble, Amazon KDP, Amazon, and other Southern California booksellers. The first book is the first in a four-book series. It is called: Cheetah on the Wing 1: Military History and Downfall It is about my time within the USMC doing elite operations with elegant fellows, then is followed by the unfortunate event of me getting out and going to an illegal and extremely punitive prison system that tried to drive me mad with their lawlessness. The book is a precursor to the second book, that talks about my time inside of Solitary Confinement in prison, then the mental damage that it did upon my release and the effects of it that lasted for nearly 7 years.

The other three Cheetah on the Wing books have been published now and are available online. You can purchase either a Hardcover, a Softcover or an EPUB online.

I have written a total of 9 books so far. I am working on getting the other ones edited and published. Hope you enjoy them!

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