Cheetah on the Wing 4: The Hereafter

This is the last book of a four book series. It ends with me going to the Hereafter after dying…then getting brought back to life.

It starts out with me going to my abusive mother’s house to help her become Holy and gain suspension of her many sins. I wound up getting hit in the back of the head by her with a frying pan and I pushed her against a wall and left. She called the police on me and tried to have me convicted of assault and sent to prison for 7 years!

The staff at the jail that I was put into could tell that I was mentally ill from my PTSD, so they sent me to a Mental Health Jail waiting for sentencing. I was put there for 9 months waiting for trial.

When I went to trial the judge said that I should plead ‘innocent’ because it was caused by PTSD. I was let go. Then, I became homeless because of my head trauma. When I was homeless, I decided to go to Phoenix, Arizona from California…because I was looking for the miracle that allowed the phoenix of legend to come back to life after it was killed.

I had highly religious images in Phoenix. Then, I went to the VA hospital there, which refused to care for me. Then I was sent away… instead of waiting for my roommate to come pick me up from California. And when I was out I saw and was talked to by Angels.

After that, I got hit by a truck that broke my skull (giving me brain damage), my face, nose, C5 spinal cord, left leg, right leg in two places, right knee, and right foot. I was in a coma for two months. During that time I died. When I died I was immediately taken from the Phoenix hospital by three of God’s Angels to Huntington Gardens in California. We went to the Japanese House and the Angels told me more secrets about how the universe operated.

I was inside the Hereafter.

I became conscious after 8 months unconscious with brain damage. I began to write messages on paper. When I read them later, they seemed like they were insane. But I adapted them into books from memory and became an author on my laptop computer at the house.

I am now an author. And that is where this book ends.

It is followed by another nonfictional biography called “Movement to the Hereafter”. That is a book that covers everything that the series covers… but illustrated within the length of a single book. You will see that there is a lot within these four Cheetah on the Wing books. Movement to the Hereafter covers all the same things on a highly religious and adapted basis. It is the same books… just written in a tighter format. Read it. You will like it!

Published by krautant

I am a genius with an IQ of 142 points, have been Honorably Discharged from SOC USMC, have been with Angels.

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