Cheetah on the Wing 3: Strongly Religious Views of a Potential Prophet of God

This book is about the time that I was homeless, due to the mental ramifications that I had from my sister kicking me out of her house for me having a PTSD event that killed a cat. I went wondering around in the areas that I had grown up in as a teenager and a child. It is because I had memories of events that occurred there that had a lot to do with the religious presentations of the characters of the Bible and the Qur’an.

I was placed within the presence of fallen Angels – like Mephistopheles, Lucifer, the devil, Beelzebub, and even Satan. At the same time, I was thinking of science and using my really high intelligence to draw conclusions about what was bringing those evil creatures into my presence. It was after a while that – with the presence of Godly Angels being present – I came to the conclusion that I must be a Prophet of God. I realized that I was growing out my hair and was starting to look like Moses. Was I a resurrection and a copy of him?

At one period of time, I came into the presence of a Tree that was the Beast of the Apocalypse. I saw colorful images within the trees there, and a Pine Tree of God standing next to the Beast … controlling it. Then I took into mind the presences that I got from it, and I went to the city. There, within parallel universes and altered dimensions, I saw the comings-on of the Apocalypse within a neighboring universe – a copy of ours. But we survived – because of God and His Angels.

The story concludes with me getting into touch with an Archangel of God and her friend that talk to me and give me the secrets about Witches (which actually exist here in this world.) The story concludes with a higher elevation of thought regarding the Apocalypse and Death.

Then the story finishes by telling a brief summary of what the fourth book is about. It is about me getting sent to prison innocent for 9 months, then seeking a Phoenix (see the myth for a definition) and winding up getting run over by a truck. I died in the coma I was in and was taken by Angels to a Garden in another state. The story ends on my recovery there, when I recovered from the coma.

That completes this book! I hope you enjoy it! It was released today…September 3, 2020!

Mitchell Krautant!

Published by krautant

I am a genius with an IQ of 142 points, have been Honorably Discharged from SOC USMC, have been with Angels.

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