Cheetah on the Wing 2: The Prevalence of Religious Forwardness

This book is the second in the 4 book series.

It starts out describing the prison sentence that the hero is sustaining. The prison guards and staff were breaking the law against me. They hated that they were stupid people and that I was a genius in prison … so they destroyed my property, destroyed my books, tried to bill me $1140 for one missing book, stole 100% of my incoming money, and put me in the hole for months for no reason other than their negative, stupid outlooks. I got Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from it and they transferred me to a Special Offender Unit prison. I tried to escape, and they put me into solitary confinement for 1 1/2 years for it. That causes severe head trauma. When I was released on time, I showed head trauma for the next 7 years.

When I was released, I moved into my abusive sister’s house. Then I was taken to the Veteran’s Affairs hospital for surgery for the stomach for a hunger strike I had been on in prison. After I was released, I went to sleep on my sisters from room couch. There, asleep, I had a nightmare about prison and had a PTSD attack. I killed her cat, and felt guilty of it. She arrived back at the home right afterwards and kicked me out onto the street. She left me homeless with no money!

I called the nurse I knew from the VA hospital and told her. She said that I could come and live with her. So, I did.

I went to college. There, I got an A in my classes – including calculus 2. But I was having head trauma from the solitary confinement. I was seeing time travel and bizarre things among the students happen. So, I had to drop out of the college. I became homeless, in response to my bizarre mindset related to the fact that my sister had made me homeless a couple of years before.

The rest of the story is about the highly religious images that I had homeless and the travelling and adventures that I went on. The next book is highly religious, and is about an entire time that I was homeless. It leads into the last book, which is about how I went to prison again when I was innocent. Then it talks about how I was a victim of vehicular homicide and was taken to the Hereafter by Angels who told me secrets about the universes. I shall write about them more in the following blogs.

Published by krautant

I am a genius with an IQ of 142 points, have been Honorably Discharged from SOC USMC, have been with Angels.

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