Cheetah on the Wing 2: The Prevalence of Religious Forwardness

This book is the second in the 4 book series.

It starts out describing the prison sentence that the hero is sustaining. The prison guards and staff were breaking the law against me. They hated that they were stupid people and that I was a genius in prison … so they destroyed my property, destroyed my books, tried to bill me $1140 for one missing book, stole 100% of my incoming money, and put me in the hole for months for no reason other than their negative, stupid outlooks. I got Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from it and they transferred me to a Special Offender Unit prison. I tried to escape, and they put me into solitary confinement for 1 1/2 years for it. That causes severe head trauma. When I was released on time, I showed head trauma for the next 7 years.

When I was released, I moved into my abusive sister’s house. Then I was taken to the Veteran’s Affairs hospital for surgery for the stomach for a hunger strike I had been on in prison. After I was released, I went to sleep on my sisters from room couch. There, asleep, I had a nightmare about prison and had a PTSD attack. I killed her cat, and felt guilty of it. She arrived back at the home right afterwards and kicked me out onto the street. She left me homeless with no money!

I called the nurse I knew from the VA hospital and told her. She said that I could come and live with her. So, I did.

I went to college. There, I got an A in my classes – including calculus 2. But I was having head trauma from the solitary confinement. I was seeing time travel and bizarre things among the students happen. So, I had to drop out of the college. I became homeless, in response to my bizarre mindset related to the fact that my sister had made me homeless a couple of years before.

The rest of the story is about the highly religious images that I had homeless and the travelling and adventures that I went on. The next book is highly religious, and is about an entire time that I was homeless. It leads into the last book, which is about how I went to prison again when I was innocent. Then it talks about how I was a victim of vehicular homicide and was taken to the Hereafter by Angels who told me secrets about the universes. I shall write about them more in the following blogs.

Cheetah on the Wing 4: The Hereafter

This is the last book of a four book series. It ends with me going to the Hereafter after dying…then getting brought back to life.

It starts out with me going to my abusive mother’s house to help her become Holy and gain suspension of her many sins. I wound up getting hit in the back of the head by her with a frying pan and I pushed her against a wall and left. She called the police on me and tried to have me convicted of assault and sent to prison for 7 years!

The staff at the jail that I was put into could tell that I was mentally ill from my PTSD, so they sent me to a Mental Health Jail waiting for sentencing. I was put there for 9 months waiting for trial.

When I went to trial the judge said that I should plead ‘innocent’ because it was caused by PTSD. I was let go. Then, I became homeless because of my head trauma. When I was homeless, I decided to go to Phoenix, Arizona from California…because I was looking for the miracle that allowed the phoenix of legend to come back to life after it was killed.

I had highly religious images in Phoenix. Then, I went to the VA hospital there, which refused to care for me. Then I was sent away… instead of waiting for my roommate to come pick me up from California. And when I was out I saw and was talked to by Angels.

After that, I got hit by a truck that broke my skull (giving me brain damage), my face, nose, C5 spinal cord, left leg, right leg in two places, right knee, and right foot. I was in a coma for two months. During that time I died. When I died I was immediately taken from the Phoenix hospital by three of God’s Angels to Huntington Gardens in California. We went to the Japanese House and the Angels told me more secrets about how the universe operated.

I was inside the Hereafter.

I became conscious after 8 months unconscious with brain damage. I began to write messages on paper. When I read them later, they seemed like they were insane. But I adapted them into books from memory and became an author on my laptop computer at the house.

I am now an author. And that is where this book ends.

It is followed by another nonfictional biography called “Movement to the Hereafter”. That is a book that covers everything that the series covers… but illustrated within the length of a single book. You will see that there is a lot within these four Cheetah on the Wing books. Movement to the Hereafter covers all the same things on a highly religious and adapted basis. It is the same books… just written in a tighter format. Read it. You will like it!

Cheetah on the Wing 3: Strongly Religious Views of a Potential Prophet of God

This book is about the time that I was homeless, due to the mental ramifications that I had from my sister kicking me out of her house for me having a PTSD event that killed a cat. I went wondering around in the areas that I had grown up in as a teenager and a child. It is because I had memories of events that occurred there that had a lot to do with the religious presentations of the characters of the Bible and the Qur’an.

I was placed within the presence of fallen Angels – like Mephistopheles, Lucifer, the devil, Beelzebub, and even Satan. At the same time, I was thinking of science and using my really high intelligence to draw conclusions about what was bringing those evil creatures into my presence. It was after a while that – with the presence of Godly Angels being present – I came to the conclusion that I must be a Prophet of God. I realized that I was growing out my hair and was starting to look like Moses. Was I a resurrection and a copy of him?

At one period of time, I came into the presence of a Tree that was the Beast of the Apocalypse. I saw colorful images within the trees there, and a Pine Tree of God standing next to the Beast … controlling it. Then I took into mind the presences that I got from it, and I went to the city. There, within parallel universes and altered dimensions, I saw the comings-on of the Apocalypse within a neighboring universe – a copy of ours. But we survived – because of God and His Angels.

The story concludes with me getting into touch with an Archangel of God and her friend that talk to me and give me the secrets about Witches (which actually exist here in this world.) The story concludes with a higher elevation of thought regarding the Apocalypse and Death.

Then the story finishes by telling a brief summary of what the fourth book is about. It is about me getting sent to prison innocent for 9 months, then seeking a Phoenix (see the myth for a definition) and winding up getting run over by a truck. I died in the coma I was in and was taken by Angels to a Garden in another state. The story ends on my recovery there, when I recovered from the coma.

That completes this book! I hope you enjoy it! It was released today…September 3, 2020!

Mitchell Krautant!

Cheetah on the Wing 1: Military History and Downfall

This book is about my time inside of the SOC Force Recon Company inside of the USMC. I did elite work there, and trained to fight against terrorists. The story goes into detail into what occurs during the specialized training that occurs within the elite units of the Marines. The story goes into accidents that occurred, operations with the FBI and the CIA (that are NOT secret… so they are okay to read over), injuries that I received. It even covers how, during one incident, 7 Force Recon Marines died on a helicopter crash doing the same training that we had done in our platoon. That caused severe Post Traumatic Stress-Disorder in our platoon… but be flew on anyways and continued to train. I got injured in a Wind Tunnel for parachuting, and sustained the injury without healing from it for over a year … but I kept on training without stopping. But realizing – at my next instructor command – that I was too injured to go back into the infantry – and that I was a staff sergeant that would probably be demoted in Headquarters company (which I had never done) – I decided to get out of the Marine Corps and move onto civilian life.

That was a mistake.

The rest of the book is about my time inside of prison for a PTSD event that hurt nobody that I went through. I should never have gone to prison. My attorney before sentencing got fired from the BAR three years after I was released for her failure to do what her client was saying needed to happen. That was the same thing that errant attorney had done to me! She DESERVED to be fired!

The prison staff violated the law against me repeatedly. They destroyed my books, stole $400 worth of property from me, stole my library books and tried to charge me $1140 for one missing book, put me in the hole for infractions I had nothing to do with, and put me in the hole for 6 months for complaining about an inmate threatening to hit me. The staff of the prison system was atrocious. They were trying to drive me crazy by doing all those illegal things against me. And they were taking 100% of the money that I was having come into the prison system. That was definitely illegal, too!

I can see why people are protesting against the police. They should also be protesting against the prison guards, the judges, the prosecutors, and the jail staff. They are ALL CORRUPT.

My book illustrates that in a plentiful manner. And it was written under the semblance of a really High IQ proficiency.

You can get a copy from Amazon, Amazon KDP, Barnes and Noble, Southern California booksellers, and probably other book sellers, but typing in the name of the book into the search-engine. It will give you the cover, the author, and data about the book. The title of the book is listed on the title of this web page. So you know, it is: Cheetah on the Wing 1: Military History and Downfall and is written by Mitchell Krautant.

Enjoy! And when the sequels come out … Enjoy them, too!